Vajazzle Butterfly Scroll Crystal Tattoo


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The Vajazzle kit contains 1 Swarovski crystal tattoo, 1 alcohol prep pads (to clean the area before application). Vajazzle body crystals are perfect for wearing all over your body, and not just on delicate places. No wonder they have become the must-have accessory. Body art crystal tattoos are completely safe, non-allergenic and harmless to the skin, each crystal sparkles thanks to its unmatched brilliance. Perfectly flat on one side, with self-adhesive on the other, a Vajazzle me body art tattoo will last 2 to 5 days. How to apply: Brazilian wax or shave the area. Wipe the area thoroughly with the alcohol wipe provided and thoroughly dry the area. The application area must be clean and dry. Carefully peel off the crystals from the backing, making certain that all crystals stick to the clear sheet. If any of the crystals stick to the white backing, just firmly re-press and peel again. Press firmly against skin, and hold for 10-15 seconds to allow the adhesive to warm up. Carefully peel off the sheet making sure that each crystal stays on the skin. Then, after removing the clear sheet, firmly press on the crystals once again to ensure they are firmly applied to the skin. The adhesive on the Swarovski Crystal used has been specifically developed, is dermatologist approved, for the temporary application on human skin. Swarovski Crystal. Vajazzle crystals are waterproof, however, that is dependent on the application (i.e. proper preparation of the surface), the location applied and the after care. Vajazzles, Vajazzled, Vagazzle, Vagazzles, Vagazzled. Vajazzle me baby! Beautify your body one stone at a time.

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