Romance Heart Panty


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I.O.U A Night to Remember Invitation Panties! Available in three styles: Kinky Panties Purple, Romance Panties Pink and Naughty Panties Red. Each sold separately. Looking to add some romance, kink or naughtiness to your love life? Make it a night to remember with our I.O.U invitation panties, the perfect way to initiate your next sexual encounter. How to use: slip on your sexy panty and then tie one or more IOUs to the front bow. Greet your lover wearing the panty along with your favorite bra, pasty set, camisole, or nothing at all. At that moment, ask your lover to open the I.O.U invitations, revealing yet another wild surprise. I.O.U A Night to Remember Invitation Panties Romance Heart Set from Ball and Chain Novelties.

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