Power Bullet 12in Massager


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2012 XBIZ Award Winner – Sex Toy Company of the Year
The biggest bullet vibrator on the market, the Power Bullet 12in Massager is a full foot long and packs lots of power for full body massages with lots of stimulating vibration. So big that both hands are needed to hold it, the strong vibrations, centered near the tip, will work out any sort muscles and leave you blissful. The Power Bullet 12in Massager is also fully waterproof to make your next bath or shower one of the most indulgent ever! Color: Silver/Black Type: Vibrating Massager Material: Hard Plastic Length: 12 inches Width: 3 inches Circumference: 11 inches Batteries: 8 C Batteries Special Features: Waterproof, Extra Large Weight: 2 lbs. (in package)

Weight 2.65000 lbs