Liquid Latex Black Light Kit


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Liquid Latex Body Paint Black Light Kit. The Black Light Kit will have you glowing! Liquid Latex Fashions is pleased to offer a Liquid Latex Body Paint Black Light Kit that when used in a black light environment, the paint will glow and really show off your creation! This kit includes 6 colors of Liquid Latex Fluorescent Body Paint. Each kit has 4 ounces jars with the following colors: Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Blue, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Violet. Each Kit also includes: Liquid Latex exclusive body prep, clean, finish kit. 6 – 1 inches brushes, 1 magic stardust. An instructional booklet. Note: for the fluorescent colors we highly suggest using 2 coats of base coat foundation prior to applying the fluorescent color. This will allow for easier application of the fluorescent body paint and provide a more vibrant color with fewer coats.

Weight 2.81250 lbs